Originality, transparency, and in-depth research are huge parts of SEO that are often missed. Transparent agencies stay on top of content marketing trends, Google algorithm updates, and take the time to find new ways to increase your organic traffic without hidden secrets.

Your Website Will Have High Quality Content In Place

If you start ranking for the wrong keywords, traffic decreases, or you see ranking drops, the content strategy was not transparent from the beginning. more than just researching keywords, keyword stuffing into URLs & titles, and writing content without a clear goal. Today, Google looks at high quality copy with strong SEO tactics as “the best.” Creating attention-grabbing content should be the foundation of every SEO campaign. Earned backlinks, that lead to reliable resources and statistics are crucial. Focus on brand authority, if the voice of your content connects with your audience, and if you have a wide range of blog topics to write about. If one component of SEO is missing, you won’t be satisfied with the results. On top of quality backlinks, keywords, and alt tags, the voice of your content should always be created with the goal to engage users, provide value, and educate.

You’ll Get More Organic Traffic

Getting more organic traffic to your website from search engines is the main reason people invest in SEO. With the mixture of solid content marketing strategies, optimized blogs & web pages, core SEO techniques, and transparent reporting, you’re sure to see a spike in traffic and conversions within the first few months. With a White Hat SEO expert, you won’t have to worry about ethics, or if you are receiving more traffic based on Black Hat tactics. Remember that organic traffic does not refer to the total number of visitors to your site or landing page, but more if they are converting or buying your products/services regularly. Sales funnels are key to make sure visitors are invested in your products, solutions, or services. An SEO expert can help you be more transparent to connect with quality leads, write an accurate sales pitch, and further streamline your business.

White Hat SEO Techniques = Better Search Engine Rankings

White Hat SEO is the key to success. It takes more time, in depth research, understanding of different niches, and how well users connect with content online. It’s the most ethical and truest way to make your business stand out in the online ecosystem. Investing in a transparent SEO agency will put your mind at ease, increase traffic organically, and teach you how to reach quality leads at all times. If you want to read more about what White Hat SEO techniques include compared to Black Hat, read the article, “What Is White Hat Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?” and become familiar with how it works.

You’ll Receive Monthly Reports About SEO Progress

Transparent SEO agencies make it a priority to send you monthly, weekly, or quarterly website updates, depending on what works for you. If a potential SEO company you are thinking about hiring doesn’t mention this or follow through with reports, they aren’t being transparent. Unless an issue arises and they communicate often, it’s better to keep your options open and find a better fit for your business needs. Monthly reports mostly revolves around link building, content marketing, and other custom SEO strategies you signed up for. Since links are the bread and butter of SEO, it’s crucial for a truly transparent SEO agency to provide you with accurate, reliable, and useful information each month about what is and isn’t working. If you sense the agency is using Black Hat SEO, when they promised only White Hat techniques, it’s been to move on and find an expert who sticks to their word.

Consistency is key. As long as there is clear communication, you get reports on time, and are kept in the loop about site progress, you are on the right track.

Your Website Will Rank Without “Shady” Techniques in Place

There is nothing worse than hiring a marketing & SEO agency that doesn’t explain how their processes work or what will help benefit your business. “Secret” strategies are a key indicator that an SEO agency is shady, and most likely uses Black Hat SEO strategies, which is unethical. Not only does this cause you more stress, but it also damages your company’s online reputation in the long run. Transparent SEO agencies freely shares basic SEO strategies, listen to your needs and produce results based on what you want to see change on your site. Boost your rankings using ethical, White Hat SEO and you’ll feel uncomfortable about where your money is going each month. Stay true to your business model, and find an SEO company that does the same. It will benefit your growth in the future.

White Hat SEO techniques focus on content marketing as the main priority, and you’ll see a boost in quality, design, and user experience around you site when hiring a transparent SEO expert. They should truly take the time to make your brand unique online, while also putting you in contact with qualified leads. Many SEO agencies take the easy way out and use the same strategies for every client. That isn’t being transparent because every niche requires a custom, tailored strategy that will produce the best results for you and your business goals. There isn’t a one size fits all.

You’ll Be Less Stressed

Have you hired an SEO agency in the past that let you down? Or are you new to the game? Transparent SEO agencies should always put your needs first. At Peaks Digital Marketing, we take pride in being as transparent as possible and building connections with clients. We want to incorporate into your business as part of the team. We believe in helping you reach your SEO goals to the fullest potential. Don’t settle for less than your business deserves. Ultimately, hiring an SEO agency to build your presence online shouldn’t cause more stress for you on a daily basis. If you sense something isn’t right or aren’t seeing the results you want, there are better ways to spend your money. Let us help you get to the next level and streamline your growth even more.

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