Generate High-Quality Patient Leads and
Gain Authority on Major Search Engines

medical seo denver colorado
medical seo denver colorado

Done Right

Generate High-Quality Patient Leads and
Gain Authority on Major Search Engines.

best denver medical seo firm

Medical and healthcare-focused SEO can be some of the hardest to target. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult with the help of Peaks Digital Marketing’s team of experts. At Peaks, we care about your online presence with the same passion that you apply to your patients and will use our expertise to increase your search engine rankings, traffic, and conversions. Bring your practice to light.

Benefits of Investing in a Medical SEO campaign:

✔ Attract more patients to your practice.
✔ Generate more leads.
✔ Improve brand awareness.
✔ Increase website traffic.
✔ Gain advantage against your competitors.
✔ Build patient trust.
✔ Improve visibility.
✔ Protect your online reputation.

Connect With Patients In Need of Care—Fast.

Nearly 75% of patients use search engines to find healthcare professionals. If your website isn’t ranking, many of your potential clients will turn to competitors, which is why online visibility is so important. Our experts know what it takes to bring your business to light through proven, data-driven digital marketing strategies. With advanced knowledge of medical SEO best practices and algorithms, you can position your practice for success. Partner with a team that understands the dynamic and ever-changing medical search engine algorithms and has the experience and expertise to make your site successful.

denver co medical seo
best denver medical seo firm

Transform Your Practice & People's Lives

In today’s society, search engines are used for everything - including finding information on medical conditions, treatments, procedures, and resources. These kinds of searches can lead potential patients to your website with the right online marketing strategy. If your practice isn’t coming up on the first page of major search engines like Google, it's important to optimize your site via SEO rich backlinks and quality discovery based content.

Niches We Serve:

• Medical SEO
• Mental Health SEO
• Treatment Centers
• Addiction Centers
• Retirement Centers

best denver medical seo firm

When potential patients are looking for a medical professional in the area, does your practice come up on the first page of major search engines like Google? Do you provide information on your site about treatment plans or symptoms? In today’s society, the internet and search engines are used for everything - including information regarding medical conditions, treatments, procedures and more. Bring your practice to light and surpass your competitors - we can help you get there. Some benefits of investing in a Medical SEO campaign include:

Attract more patients to build your practice
Generate more leads
Improve brand awareness
Increase website traffic
Gain advantage against your competitors
Build patient trust
Improve visibility
Generate income
Protect your online reputation

SEO in the medical & healthcare field is one of the hardest to target. But it doesn’t have to be difficult. We care about websites the same way you, as a medical professional, care for patients. Increase your search engine rankings, traffic, and conversions

denver co medical seo

Connect With Patients In Need of Care—Fast.

Have you tried to increase your search engine rankings in the past, but the SEO company you hired didn’t deliver quality results? Does your website have a low conversion rate and visibility on Google? Almost 75 percent of patients use search engines to find healthcare professionals, and if your website isn’t ranking, many qualified leads turn to competitors. Your practice is just as valuable as high ranking competitors, you just don’t have the right visibility online. That is where we step in. Our experts know what it takes to bring your business to light online through proven data-driven analytics, seasoned digital marketing strategies, and advanced knowledge of medical SEO best practices. It is important to partner with a team that knows the dynamic and ever-changing search engine climate and how to make your site successful through effective techniques.

best denver medical seo firm

Transform Your Practice & People's Lives

In order to help as many people as possible, it’s crucial to make your website visible in organic search results. Funnel patients to your door. Stand out online. Gain traction within your market, and grow your business. With consistent SEO practices from our professionals, your medical practice will be a virtual workhorse.

Niches We Serve:

• Treatment Centers
• Addiction Centers
• Retirement Center Marketing
• Mental Health SEO
• Medical SEO

Our Process

How We Help You Maximize Visibility for Your Medical Practice

The goal of major search engines is to provide users with relevant and trustworthy information quickly. It takes a wide range of strategies and trusted methods to create authority online. This is why it’s so important to utilize an experienced digital marketing agency during your journey.

The Peaks process includes a mixture of proven, data-driven methods, including niche-specific content, high authority, geographical keyword targeting, website speed optimization, blogging, tracking and analytics + more.

Choose from services designed to drive more authority and visibility to your medical practice. Stand out from high-ranking competitors in your area and generate quality, consistent leads. Work with a dedicated team that researches your niche, selects content topics based on relevant keywords, and creates optimized, engaging copy that is valuable to your patients. Become a thought leader in your niche and increase your company’s rankings, reputation, and authority.

Invest in high quality, relatable content. With the right mix of SEO and content marketing strategies from the experts at Peaks, your practice will gain authority online, allowing you to find more people in need of your specialized medical care.

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Geo-Targeting + Local Listings

Optimize your website for geo-relevant searches in your neighborhood. Optimize your local listings to receive more phone calls from relevant, targeted leads.

Adding geo-targeting and local listings to your website ensures you have the right variables in place to stand out in your local healthcare niche and become a household name in your region.

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Competitive Analysis

Gain competitive insights into your market. Uncover low hanging fruit opportunities and uniquely position yourself in your niche. Uncover valuable questions, queries and pain points within your target demographic. Implement a digital strategy that generates ROI early while targeting long term opportunities. A comprehensive analysis will present you with options on how to improve your site based on the strengths and weaknesses within your market.

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Mobile Optimization

More than 70% of healthcare queries are made on a mobile device and 40% of users bounce from websites that take more than 3 seconds to load. Optimizing images, videos, and files to increase page speed makes all the difference in user experience flow and satisfaction. Implement blazing fast hosting with powerful content delivery network to serve your site faster and increase conversions.

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Fast & Secure Web Hosting

In today’s world, it's key to have fast, secure access to your site. However, not all hosting is created equal, and some hosting can significantly slow down your site which will increase the bounce rate. Migrating to faster hosting will keep users engaged and on the site longer which helps to improve your overall visibility and credibility.

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White Hat SEO + Link Building

White Hat SEO is used to improve your search engine rankings while staying within Google’s terms of service, which helps to solidify the integrity of your site and build trust between your medical business and clients.

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Content Marketing

When Google analyzes the content on your site, it is looking for much more than keywords. Google is looking at your information as a whole and deciding how accurate, relevant and valuable it will be for users when seeking answers to medical questions. Other factors, such as the organization and structure of your content, also help search engines understand what your page is about. 

Are you blogging about related healthcare topics on a regular basis?

It is important to keep your site active, as this is another piece to the Google puzzle. With Peaks, you will be provided with compelling, targeted, structured, unique, and diverse content. This content will satisfy Google’s requirements and will serve to convert users, resulting in increased website traffic, calls from qualified leads, and increased credibility for your medical practice.

It is important to keep your site active, as this is another piece to the Google puzzle. When a site is consistently being updated with new, relevant content it only improves your online presence. Stay active with high-quality blogs from Peaks as a part of your Medical SEO campaign.

Link Building/Off Page Medical SEO - Show Your Authority

Link building is an important part of any Medical SEO campaign in that it improves online authority. Link building is the process of getting other high-authority, relevant sites to post a link to yours. This relationship tells Google “this site is trustworthy.” However, it is important to note that not all links are created equal, and it does matter where the links are coming from. A great link must have a high DA as well as relevancy. Peaks Digital has the ability to obtain these links, and they are what sets you apart from your competition. By building a solid off-page foundation, you’re essentially creating online PR for your medical practice.

Healthcare Listings + Citations Management

Your online presence extends well beyond your website, which is why it is important to have consistent and accurate information in every place that your material is shared. Users may find your practice through another listing, so it is imperative that it is up-to-date with phone numbers, addresses, and any changes while also actively pointing users back to your site. We can make this easy for you by managing these alternative listings or citations.

Don’t have any other listings or citations? No problem - we can build them for you through Bright Local or Yext as a part of your Medical SEO campaign.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Put users' needs first. Bring your website to the next level by optimizing underperforming pages in terms of styling, content, layout, and copy. Utilize AB testing to uncover valuable insights to increase organic traffic and increase conversions.

Online Reviews

If potential patients are looking for a practice that is trusted and recommended by people in their community, reviews are generally one of the first things they’ll look at. Consumers are increasingly turning to online reviews before making decisions. Having legitimate online reviews being posted regularly will also improve your online presence and increase your credibility to Google - giving your site a boost in visibility and rankings.

Don’t want to manage your reviews? Peaks offers reputation management with Medical SEO campaigns to ensure that your reviews are getting responses and you’re staying engaged with your community.

Analytics + Reporting

Progress and communication are key to successful SEO results. We will provide you with clear, transparent weekly and monthly reports to identify areas of success and options for next steps.

Empower Your Practice.

You need quality healthcare content mixed with technical SEO campaigns to make a prominent impact online. We will guide you up the mountain. Our experts will determine your target audience and create optimized content related to high volume keywords in your industry. All areas of your site will be impacted, including landing pages, blogs, email marketing campaigns, and more. All content is driven by your patients’ wants and needs at the forefront.

No long-term contracts. Honest and transparent processes. We have one goal in mind. Increase your traffic, scale your practice, and get you in contact with qualified leads in need of care.

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