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The leadership team at Polaris previously hired an SEO agency, but weren’t getting the leads, results, or communication they anticipated. Peaks was brought in to improve both lead flow and rankings. As a result, Polaris went from 10-15 leads a month to 50-70. They also experienced 2 to 17+ closes a year. This adds up to an increase of 366% in call volume and an increase of 800% in closes.


Polaris is a residential mental health treatment center for adolescents and teens. The Polaris treatment team is committed to providing sophisticated, innovative, and compassionate treatment. They help teens with major depression, bipolar, anxiety and trauma, gender dysphoria, co-occurring sub-stance abuse and eating disorders, attachment disorders, autism spectrum disorders, and self harm.


Ari Brown, the owner and CEO of Polaris, was frustrated with the lackluster results from a Los Angeles based agency whom he’d hired to improve online rankings and lead generation. On average, the firm was only generating 10-15 leads a month and had almost no closed deals. “We were not ranking high for terms in our market and after a year, we only had a handful of leads. We’re big on communication and that wasn’t so great with them either. We simply were not getting anywhere. No leads were coming in and the phone wasn’t ringing,” said Ari.


He needed peace of mind knowing that the investment was something that could be tracked and there was clear communication about Polaris’ rankings and progress towards their goals. The two metrics we tracked were calls and organic traffic. “Peaks was able to take charge and run with it. That’s extremely important for us because we’re not in the SEO business. Any time spent outside of making decisions on what direction we need to take is time away from our business and clients. Communication was a lot easier too. It’s never hard to jump on a quick call if we have questions,” Ari said.


After two years of working with Polaris, we were able to help increase closes by 800%. “We went from 2 closes a year to 12-18 closes a year. Specifically in terms of online lead revenue,” Ari explained. In addition, call volume increased by 366% from 10-15 leads a month to 50-70 leads a month. We helped Polaris see the forest through the trees. Ari and his team now have a clear direction and their business continues to improve. “Before Peaks, we didn’t have a clear path to victory, but we feel confident that we’re moving in the right direction.”

"As our working relationship grew, we felt like we could really lean on Peaks and trust them to get the job done. They're always going above and beyond."


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