SmartPayables Doubles Business and Improves Lead Quality



The owners of SmartPayables weren’t in alignment with their in-house SEO partner. While they were generating a consistent flow of leads, they found the quality wasn’t on par with the caliber of pros-pects they needed to grow the business. The Peaks team was brought in as a strategic SEO partner to improve rankings and lead quality. As a result, their business has nearly doubled and the quality of leads is on par with the likes of Pepsi and major Banks.



SmartPayables was founded in 2005 in Arizona, with headquarters now located in Littleton, Colorado. SmartPayables has a strong and intelligent printing team, dedicated customer service representatives, and a highly skilled development panel. They consistently improve capabilities and systems to reduce the time, labor, and money businesses spend on printing, mailing, and payments



Christine and Rich Lloyd weren’t in alignment with their previous business partner when it came down to the organization’s SEO needs. Simply put, their game plan wasn’t working. “We didn’t end up getting the best rankings and the quality of the leads were poor,” says Christine.



SmartPayables needed someone who could take the reins. Someone they’d be able to trust to get the job done. Rankings needed to be improved using strategic keywords their customers were searching for. Christine articulates, “Our main concern was that we were looking for a partnership and not someone who would just come in for a few months and walk away. We wanted someone who was small enough to have a personal touch, but big enough to deliver on the results we were looking.”


Peaks was able to provide SmartPayables with higher quality leads and boosted their rankings.

“We’ve almost doubled our business in one year with Peaks. It’s been a great partnership for us. We’re #1 on the first page for the keywords we want and the quality of our leads have gone up significantly,” Lloyd explains.

Additionally, they’ve leveled up to a premium class of prospects. “We’re getting calls from bigger brands like Pepsi and banks. It’s really opened the door to that next level for us,” Lloyd adds.



"It doesn't feel like we're just throwing money down the toilet hoping for the best. It really is a partnership with Peaks. They're really engaged and invested in our growth."

Christine Lloyd



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