What is E-A-T in SEO

There are a lot of rules that experts will tell you to follow in the world of SEO. Search engine optimization, or SEO, refers to a set of digital marketing strategies and techniques used to help websites rank higher on search engines like Google. Effective SEO is not one thing, but rather, a collection of tools and strategies. To further complicate matters, Google and other search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to alter what exactly they’re looking for in high-quality websites.

One thing that rarely changes, however, is the focus on quality content. When ranking websites, Google has always favored those with consistent and high-quality content that can help users answer their questions and find the products and services they’re looking for. As the saying goes in SEO, content is king. To help determine what makes quality content, many SEO experts adhere to the E-A-T (expertise, authority, and trustworthiness) acronym to help them develop reputable and trustworthy content that consistently ranks well with Google.

At Peaks Digital Marketing, we’re dedicated to helping your business succeed online. We can help you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) by adapting to Google’s algorithms. Additionally, we specialize in a variety of SEO practices and tools, including web design, content development, keywords, and on-page and off-page optimization. 

In this blog, we take a closer look at the E-A-T acronym to understand how this simple rule can make a major impact on the quality of your content and the overall search engine ranking for your site. We then discuss ways that you can optimize your content following the E-A-T guidelines.


An effective digital marketing company can help your website rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs) through various strategies. While keywords, web design, page speed, and backlinks all play important roles, the cornerstone of your website should be quality content. But how is this measured?

1. Expertise (E).

To have expertise in a certain subject, one must have a considerable amount of knowledge or skill. Of course, we all don’t need to have a PhD in English to be able to write a compelling blog post about Ernest Hemingway.

For Google, expert content is that which can effectively answer a user’s query—and do so in a unique, creative, and compelling way. Using the right keywords and organizing your content for readability will show Google that you’re an expert in developing SEO content and fulfills a user’s search query.     

2. Authoritativeness (A).

Being an expert is one thing, but to really rank well on Google, you should focus on becoming the authority of a given subject or topic. Authoritative web content lets users know that your site (and no other) is the place to go for the most reputable information around.

How is this done? The quality of links is critical here. Make sure you’re only providing external links to authoritative and quality websites. Additionally, you’ll want authoritative websites linking back to you. These links, for Google, essentially function as badges of approval between sites. Therefore, to show that your content is authoritative, you want both quality and quantity in terms of how your content is shared throughout the web. Personal branding is important here, too, as you want to become recognizable to users so they know they can trust your content.   

3. Trustworthiness (T).

Google works to match users with the best content on the web, which means that they need to be able to trust your information. Especially if you’re dealing with fields like health or finance, you need to develop accurate content.

Reviews are one of the most effective ways that Google uses to rank for trustworthiness. Customer reviews and those offered by third-party sites, like TripAdvisor, are important here. You also want to focus on developing a site that users can trust, which means enhancing security measures and having your site run smoothly.


Whether your business needs local SEO, enterprise SEO, medical SEO, or any other form of search engine optimization, you’ll want to make sure your content is aligned with the rules of E-A-T so that your users (and Google) can trust your publications. Here are some effective (and relatively straightforward) ways that you can optimize your website according to the E-A-T guidelines:  

1. Site security. 

Trustworthy content doesn’t go far if your website itself is less than reliable. Optimize your content by optimizing your site security. This may require extensive work on the back end of your site, but having a secure site is an essential component for developing a good relationship with users—especially if your website incorporates ecommerce. Verifiable badges (think the Better Business Bureau) and certifications are other methods for enhancing your online reputation.

2. Control user-generated content.

If you allow users to generate content, such as blogs or reviews, you’ll want to moderate this content to ensure it isn’t hurting your SERP ranking. This doesn’t necessarily mean you should be editing or censoring this type of content, but you should keep tabs on how others are publishing on your site. All your content should meet the highest quality standards since poorly performing pages or content can drop your entire ranking.

3. Branding.

Why do so many people love Apple products? Because it’s a brand they know and one they can trust. While your business may not become the next Apple, you still need to focus on positive branding. This can be done in various ways, both on-page and off-page, and you should focus on quality service and tailoring your website to create a positive user experience. You should also check review sites to see what people are saying about your brand and making sure it’s accurate. 


For the inexperienced, SEO can often feel like a labyrinth. With so many different ways to optimize your website, such as keywords, backlinks, images, and more, how do you even know where to start? Especially if you’ve recently developed your website, it can feel almost impossible to ever land on the first page of Google.

If you’re dedicated to improving your website and increasing your ranking on SERPs, you should consider working with a digital marketing team that focuses on SEO. Peaks Digital Marketing is an experienced and dedicated Denver SEO company that offers a diverse range of SEO services, including web design and development, AdWords, content marketing, and backlinks. They even specialize in enterprise SEO and medical SEO.

In addition to working with a team of SEO experts, the next most effective recipe for SEO success is by publishing consistent and high-quality content. SEO content should utilize keywords, have a clear organization with headers and lists, and be long enough to comprehensively answer the search query of a user. Additionally, by following the E-A-T acronym, you should develop your content so that users know your information is reliable and they can trust your content and your website. Expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness are essential features of high-quality content.

At Peaks Digital Marketing, our purpose is to help your website climb up to the first page of Google to reach more potential customers than ever. If you want to learn more about what an experienced SEO agency can do for you and your website, visit us to learn more about our full range of SEO skills and services. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the top.

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