Which is Better?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing organic traffic driven to your business over the internet. In particular, SEO practices help consumers find your business online by assisting you in ranking higher on Google and other search engines. Furthermore, skilled SEO companies can help with your overall marketing strategy, generating new avenues of revenue for your business and helping to maintain the success you’ve already achieved.

Many companies struggle with the question of whether or not to hire outside SEO assistance. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of utilizing an outsourced SEO company for all of your marketing needs.

1) In-House SEO Requires a Lot of (Expensive) New Hires

The first thing to keep in mind is that staffing for SEO purposes will require a lot of new hires. Even if you already have people on your roster who are talented in certain SEO practices, because marketing is such a huge part of any company’s success, it’s critical that you hire people who can specialize in SEO areas such as content creation, social media interaction, website design and development, marketing strategy, and so on. Thus, in order to build out a successful SEO marketing team, new hires are going to be essential. Unfortunately, they’re also extremely expensive. In fact, the average cost of simply finding and hiring a new employee is $4,129, and the hiring process takes an average of 42 days.

3) Leaders Can Become Overwhelmed As Well

In addition to staff becoming overwhelmed by SEO responsibilities, leadership may feel the pressure as well. When it comes to training employees for SEO-related purposes, there are many things to consider, including the time it takes to teach them all of the necessary skills as well as the cost related to having them focus on becoming an SEO expert in addition to their original position. Thus, directors and other leaders within your organization may find themselves frustrated by the investment. However, a talented team of SEO specialists can do the same work much faster and easier and take the weight off your company’s shoulders.

4) An SEO Company Can Provide Backlinks

Backlinks are extremely important in SEO; however, they can also be a substantial investment for your company. Essentially, they link your site to another one, ideally one with authority. However, backlinks can be expensive, especially if you are seeking quality backlinks. Backlinks can vary a great deal in cost and can range anywhere from $5 - $500. Creating a budget for backlinks within your own company can prove very difficult. However, hiring a professional SEO company will make it so they can include your backlink budget within your package and find you the best deals and highest-quality links.  

5) A Skilled SEO Company Has the Time to Do Things Properly

SEO companies focus on one thing only: SEO best practices. Thus, they are prepared to take on all of your SEO marketing needs with ease. They can focus on content creation, finding affordable backlinks, designing and redesigning website pages, creating blogs and press releases, performing keyword research, and so much more. Additionally, they can do all this as part of a predetermined package so that there is always transparency and accountability. The average cost of hiring just one internal specialist in SEO analysis is $49,532, so looking at an outside SEO agency which can provide all the skills necessary to direct more organic traffic to your site (as well as a plethora of other marketing services) is well worth the relatively small investment.

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6) SEO Companies Are Experts in the Field

Furthermore, not only do SEO companies have the time and resources to take care of your SEO marketing needs, they also have the necessary knowhow to do things properly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. They have experience in optimizing your web appearance and ability to receive organic traffic, and that is literally their only priority. Everyone working in an SEO company has a specific role, each catered to making sure that you have an optimal online presence.

7) SEO Companies Have Specialists

Well-rounded employees are great, but you will do better with individuals with specific expertise when it comes to SEO. While you may have an employee which embodies the adage “Jack of all trades, master of none,” that doesn’t mean that they’re the right person for the job of SEO specialist. Not only may that employee find themselves getting overwhelmed or burnt out, but it can also become extremely expensive to continually invest time, training, and resources in an employee who is trying to master SEO tactics.

8) New Employees Require a Lot of Training:

The average amount of time for a new employee to become very comfortable with and talented at their job is 1 - 2 years. This means that even if you decide to hire a team for SEO purposes, they won’t be apt enough to do the job at the level of professional SEO specialists for quite some time. This training and adjustment means the company will have to spend a lot of money on salary and a plethora of time and resources on training. A company which specializes in SEO, on the other hand, already has fully-trained people on hand who specialize in SEO content creation, website design, marketing tactics, and much more, and they are ready to provide their services for a competitive price upon request.

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