How Residential Systems Inc Grew By 20% and Generated $6 Million In Revenue 



Before hiring Peaks Digital Marketing to handle their SEO and marketing, Residential Systems Inc (RSI) previously worked with other SEO agencies and didn’t feel the services met their standards. RSI was skeptical if any company could provide what they needed. Although, when Peaks came into play, RSI decided to take the risk. After a few months of hard work, collaboration, and campaign creation, RSI started to see a huge rise in organic traffic, quality content, and digital marketing efforts that exceeded their standards. Since partnering with Peaks, RSI grew by 20% and has now generated 6 million dollars in revenue.



Over the past 30 years, RSI’s team of seasoned designers and installation professionals have created elegant, functional technology systems for homes of all sizes in Denver and surrounding areas. To date, they have completed large-scale projects for over 5500 homes and businesses in Colorado and throughout the world.


The Peaks team made it their mission to hit the ground running with innovative SEO, digital marketing, and content marketing solutions for RSI. The experts at Peaks researched the home technology industry to find valuable opportunities for improvement, conducted keyword research, set up monthly meetings with the RSI team to track progress, and more. Unlike many SEO companies, the Peaks team was able to find issues, research, and problem solve immediately, rather than just presenting the issues to the RSI team without a detailed “plan of action”: “I felt like with our old company they’d always point to something and say here’s why this isn’t working. I never felt like I was getting the transparency and a plan of action,” says RSI owner Travis Leo.




Peaks needed to provide a level of support that would make RSI confident they were the right fit, while simultaneously adding value to the company. In order to see results quickly, Peaks experts incorporated a mixture technical SEO solutions, content marketing campaigns, web design updates, and blogging. The goal was to deliver effective results and present accurate reporting metrics on a monthly basis to keep the RSI team in the loop at all times. By using ROI as a measurement of success, Peaks was able to boost RSI’s revenue, organic traffic, and authority online within a few months and a consistent increase over the past year.



At the beginning of the RSI partnership, the Peaks team spent the bulk of their time and resources dialing in the SEO process and strategy. Their efforts paid off in the second half of the year when RSI saw a significant increase in business:“ We grew by 20% last year and generated $6 million in business. But it didn’t happen overnight. It seemed like we spent the first 6 months dialing everything in and the last half of the year the work we did upfront really started to pay off,” Travis explained.


“I felt like they provided good value for what they were going to do for us. I was impressed by David and his team and what they had to offer.”

Travis Leo

Owner of RSI


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